Over a month ago we recorded the following five tracks at PIT Studio in Weert (The Netherlands).

- Bought Beauty
- Smugness
- Stone rain
- Black gold
- Meltdown mutation

Click to listen a short sound clip of the song.

The recordings took us about two days, including half a day of mixing. We're pleased with the final sound, which is an improvement in comparison to the "Thriving on carnage" album (in our opinion).
We consider releasing the tracks as a single (entitled "Bought beauty") or as a split CD. More info on the new release will follow shortly.


Several new pictures of the current line-up were added.


Next week's gig in Ieper (Belgium) will be our last performance with Rick behind the drumkit. The whole band is very grateful for his contribution and effort over the last eight months. Cheers mate!!


We're planning to record a 7" by the end of May. We're looking for bands (or labels) who'd like to release this 7" with us as a split single. Interested?? Let us know !!


Find out how to get hold of your DESENSITISED merchandise here. Furthermore, a pics section has been added.


The gigs section is online. Click here and read all about the upcoming gigs.
Rutger, who was helping us out on the drums, lost interest in the band and has been replaced with Rick, former drummer of Dutch metalheads Sectarian.


We're presently very busy rehearsing for upcoming gigs. Rutger is helping us out on the drums, for now. However, we're still looking for a replacement.

A 'GIGS' section will be added shortly, to keep you informed of the upcoming shows.


Our debut album 'Thriving on carnage' has finally been released!!!
It is available for 10 euros or 10 US dollars (incl. p&p).

Order now:
DESENSITISED, Randenborgweg 119
6118 GJ, Nieuwstadt, The Netherlands


For several weeks Susan has been rehearsing with bass player Jeroen Gelissen of Sectarian. He has decided to join DESENSITISED. You can find a picture of Jeroen in the band members section. More info on Jeroen will be added shortly.


Our debut album 'Thriving on carnage' will be released by the end of July!!


Susan has been interviewed by Braindead webzine. You can find a copy of this interview right here!!


The site has been updated once more. The links section has been expanded and a reviews section has been added.


The band is on the hunt for a new drummer and bass player. In the meantime, the site has been updated. Full-length mp3's of three tracks have been added to the Thriving on Carnage section.


Rutger is planning to leave the band in the near future. The band is therefore looking for a new drummer. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you're interested.


On September 20th the band returned to Asse to mix the recorded material. They are very satisfied with the final result.
Read all about the new album Thriving on carnage !!


On Saturday September 15th, Desensitised recorded 7 tracks of death/grind at 'De Studio' in Asse, Belgium. Bass player Mark Raets (Rimmshot) has helped the band out in the studio.